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There will be no discrimination of any kind. I don't care what color your skin is what, language you speak, your sexual orientation, the amount of money you make or your gear score, we all have the same type of blood in our veins. If I hear of any discrimination at all …

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    How to get Dragonflight Gear (PVE)


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    How to get Dragonflight Gear (PVE) Empty How to get Dragonflight Gear (PVE)

    Post by BluByrd1205 on Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:31 pm

    How Do I get my Dragon Flight Gear (PVE)?

    ☆ In order to obtain this gear, you must be a part of a strong guild and/or alliance

    ☆ The vendor who crafts this gear, “The Outfitter” is located within the Guild Stronghold, in the building directly before the platform with the mailbox, bank, guild coffer (mimic) and guild bank. ”The Outfitter” requires 3 components in order to craft this gear: Seals of Protector, Guild Marks, and Dragon Fangs.

    Obtaining “Seals of Protector”

    ☆ These Seals come from select Epic Dungeons, such as; Epic Cragmire Crypts (ECC), Epic Grey Wolf Den (EWD), Epic Temple of Spider (ETOS), Demogorgon (Regular and Epic), and Castle Never.
    ☆Note: Epic Temple of Spider “ETOS” is by far the easiest; It is also one of the dungeons listed in the “Dungeon Master's Guide” to receive one extra cache of seals per day.
    ☆ To view this guide go to your menu > store > Wondrous Bazaar > special items (near the bottom). You don't have to buy it to get the cache, you can always look it up through the bazaar to see if you have received it yet that day (although if you do want to buy it and have it in your inventory, it only costs 1 ad).
    [Note: The extra cache for Seals of Protectors only drops in ETOS, ECC, and EWD]
    [Note: This cache is doubled during "x2 Seals" events]

    Obtaining “Guild Marks”

    ☆ There are quite a few ways you can obtain your Guild Marks. The most popular and efficient method is to complete the Tier 3 Epic Heroics in the Stronghold with your guild/alliance.

    [Note: T3's are preferred because they have a chance at dropping Epic Gear, aswell as Epic Companion Gear. Ex: talisman, icon, knot etc... ]

    ☆ There are 3 Tiers (or varieties) of Heroics within the stronghold:

    Tier 1 Heroics: (requires 1-3 people): These are solo-able for strong players. Names of Encounters: Devil Attack, Drake Attack, Beast Attack, Spider Attack, Lake Supply Woes, and Dock Supply Woes.

    Tier 2 Heroics: (requires 3-5 people) Names of Encounters: Misty Hills Kidnapped, Homestead Kidnapped, Homestead Assault, Dragon Hills Assault, and Ancient Lake Assault

    Tier 3 [Epic] Heroics: (requires 5-10 people) Names of Encounters: Bickering Beholders, Hideaway Crisis, No Sympathy, Canyon Crisis, Giants Among the Dead, and Lake Crisis

    [Note: When running Heroic Encounters, before entering the arena please make sure all players are present. To get credit for these encounters you must be in the arena long enough to hit one enemy.]

    The first Heroic Encounter in Stronghold completed per day gives 150 influence, the second gives 120 influence, the third gives 75 influence, the forth gives 35 influence and the fifth gives 20 influence (Totalling: 400 [max] daily influence. The first Epic Heroic Encounter (T3) completed per day gives 10 Heroic Shards of Power.

    [Note: Occasionaly stolen treasures (vouchers) drop while killing the enemies in these encounters for; stolen dark gifts, stolen fey trinkets, stolen frozen treasures, and stolen tyranny treasures. These are worth a couple extra (influence/guild marks), so make sure you check the ground before moving running to the next Heroic Encounter]

    ☆ To obtain your “Guild Marks” you must deposit this Influence into the Guild Coffer (or mimic). 400 Influence = 400 Guild Marks, and if you did a T3 Heroic depositing the 10 Heroic Shards of Power will give you an additional 100 Guild Marks. Plus any other stolen treasures you have which are usually worth between 25 and 75 Guild Marks.

    ☆ You can also obtain Guild Marks by completing the daily quests given out by “The Cleric”, “The Master of Coin”, and “The Ranger” in the Guild Stronghold.

    “The Cleric” gives out Daily Dungeon Quests that reward you with 10 Dungeoneer’s Shard of Power upon completion, that when deposited into the Guild Coffer (mimic), is exchanged for 100 Guild Marks

    “The Master of Coin” gives out Daily Support Quests (at random) for; Sharandar, Tyranny of Dragons, Dread Ring and Icewind Dale. This Quest requires you to “complete 3 quests” in the designated area. As you will be doing dailies already in these areas for your boons, picking this up before heading to those areas is a good way to save time. Upon completion these quests grant you 10 Adventurer’s Shard of Power which gives you 100 Guild Marks when exchanged into the coffer.

    “The Ranger” gives out the daily Quest “Defending The Stronghold” which requires you to complete 3 Heroic Encounters within the Stronghold. Pick this up before heading into T1, T2, or T3 Encounters. Upon completion this quest grants you 10 Adventurer’s Shard of Power which gives you 100 Guild Marks when exchanged into the coffer.

    [Note: During x2 Guild Marks rewards from Stronghold Heroic Encounters, daily dungeons, and daily support quests are all doubled]

    [Note: You may occasionally get Major Vouchers from your VIP key/pack they are also worth influence/guild marks]

    [Note: If you have these campaigns completed; Shardanar, Dread Ring, Tyranny of Dragons, and Icewind Dale, they each offer a way to manufacture vouchers with campaign currency]

    [Note: You can also purchase "Stronghold Chests of Power" which costs 300 Zen from the Zen Market - except in the case of sales. You can obtain these by buying zen with real money, OR by farming your ad and acquiring zen through the astral diamond exchange.
    Gives: 100 Heroic Shards of Power, 100 Conqueror Shards of Power, 100 Dungeoneer’s Shards of Power, 100 Adventurer Shards of Power and one random resource voucher.]

    Obtaining “Dragon Fangs”

    ☆In order to obtain “Dragon Fangs” your guild/alliance must complete the Quest “Greed of the Dragonflight” from “The Traveling Wizard” inside your stronghold.

    This is a large scale event requiring 10 to 40 players, and can be triggered every 2 hours for free, within a 5 minute window. To find this 5 minute window open your menu, go to social > calendar > hourly events and look for “The Traveling Wizard”. You can also start this quest at any time by using a Golden Bell purchased from the Zen Market.

    ☆ Once the Quest is started you have 1 minute before 4 Dragon's land in your guild's territory.

    “Red”: Katatheo the Proud : located in the upper left hand corner of the map
    Fires out multiple fireballs in the surrounding area

    “Blue”: Chrysos the Vain: located in the upper right hand corner of the map
    Will inflict major damage (one shot) to everyone in the area if it kills it's “target” aka whoever has aggro on the dragon

    “Green”: Oxuno the Treacherous: located in the lower right hand corner of the map
    Spews out a poisonous smog that covers the entire area inflicting constant poison damage

    “Black”: Ekdos the Cruel: located in the lower left hand corner of the map
    Has an acidic bite that eats away at an adventurers damage resistance. Also, when a player dies Ekdos summons his ghostly minions from your dead body to haunt your guild mates

    [Note: More then 20 Adventures around a Dragon at one time will make that Dragon temporarily immune to damage]

    You will have 10 minutes to kill all 4 Dragons. However, if you kill one, the timer resets to a minute, and the rest of them fly away when that minute expires. The trick is to get each Dragon down to 5% and have private squads slay them at the last minute.

    Rewards: Upon completion of this event you will reciece:
    ☆ 1 Stronghold Box of Dragonflight (which requires a key purchased from the zen market, but contains 2 dragon fangs and some basic vouchers with a chance at a major voucher)
    ☆ 1 Dragon Fang per Dragon defeated
    ☆ And, Occassionally 1 random major voucher

    Comments and Questions welcome. If I missed anything let me know, and I will make edits


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    How to get Dragonflight Gear (PVE) Empty Re: How to get Dragonflight Gear (PVE)

    Post by Sniper JZA80 on Sun Jul 09, 2017 7:06 pm

    Awesome work Des thanks!!!
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    How to get Dragonflight Gear (PVE) Empty Re: How to get Dragonflight Gear (PVE)

    Post by InigoMontoya187 on Tue Jul 11, 2017 8:32 am

    Very nice, great guide for the new people!

    Please use proper grammar and punctuation. Also be polite. Remember that this is a forum for a video game about Dungeons and Dragons, you are not cooler than anyone else here lol!

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    How to get Dragonflight Gear (PVE) Empty Re: How to get Dragonflight Gear (PVE)

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