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The Code of Conduct

Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:25 pm by The Gravel Nome


There will be no discrimination of any kind. I don't care what color your skin is what, language you speak, your sexual orientation, the amount of money you make or your gear score, we all have the same type of blood in our veins. If I hear of any discrimination at all …

Code of conduct

Fri Jul 28, 2017 5:28 am by feistyxprincess

Read and I accept

    Artifact Refining

    Sniper JZA80
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    Artifact Refining

    Post by Sniper JZA80 on Wed May 17, 2017 3:14 am

    Ok guys here is a bit of information that might come in handy when refining your artifacts.

    CAUTION: This only applies to artifacts, not to artifact equipment (eg belts or weapons) and must be done during Double RP

    Right, so the basic premise of the below is to get you to mythic artifacts as efficiently as possible. It does require some AD bank roll, however.

    Here is the link to the guide I used to discover this:

    and here is a more visual guide if you prefer,

    Basically, what you need to do is buy/acquire six of the same artifact type as the one you wish to upgrade to Mythic. I will use the Wheel of Elements as my example.

    This is a Power artifact. I need to obtain 6 other Power artifacts, from drops if i'm lucky or the auction house. Green is obviously the cheapest! They don't have to also be a wheel, just a Power artifact (as opposed to a Stability or Union artifact).

    Now that I have six artifacts I take two greens, upgrade both to rank 59 Blue (not to 60 purple, it's a waste of marks and wards). With that done I take these two blue and refine into a third blank and it should land at about rank 94. Do this again with your other 3 blank green so you have two purples at rank 94ish.

    Then I put both into my Wheel of elements (my target artifact) and BAM! It will refine all the way to Mythic.

    Ok, how does this work? You need 10.4m RP (5.2 during double RP) to get an artifact from rank 1 to rank 140. That would take forever to farm or a few million in AD to buy. However, it takes a bit under 300k RP to get one to Blue (or 150k for double RP). So in making 4 Blues you use only 600k in RP during a double event, much easier to obtain. The key, artifacts of the same type get a 5x bonus when refined together (ie using a power artifact to refine another power artifact), so during double RP you are getting 10x the value of that artifact. A rank 59 blue is worth 159k RP, so 1.59 million during double RP. Putting two into a blank gets you about rank 94. This is worth 520k RP, or 5.2m RP during the double event. Two of these is the 10.4m you need. It's really just math.

    Here's the link with all the artifact info including what they are worth, which artifact is which type etc

    My only advice above this is, do one at a time. That is, make one purple rank 94 first. Then use it. If it gets a critical success it could double and finish your artifact in one shot! Meaning you can the either resell the other artifacts to get your AD back or use them on another Artifact.

    What does it cost??

    • 600k in RP, could be free if you've farmed using Dragon Hoards of Fey's or saved from invoking, might cost around 300k AD if you have none.

    • 2 x Coalescent Wards - about 350k a piece at the moment (for the shot to Legendary and the shot to Mythic)

    • Preservation wards for the shot to Epic - could need one, could need 10... could cost you nothing if you have them from Lockboxes, otherwise about 40k for 10 IIRC

    • 6 x Artifact of choice. Stability about 20k each, Union about 40k, Power about 180k-200k

    A Union or Stability Mythic will set you back about 800-900k (most of this is coalescent wards, you might be lucky enough to get free ones with daily your coins), Power closer to 1.6m-2m

    Either way,cheaper and far more efficient than doing it the hard way.

    Hope this helps!!

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    Re: Artifact Refining

    Post by wredraven on Wed May 17, 2017 1:48 pm

    Good stuff. Ty!

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